I cheat on Sunday to be ready Monday

It’s Sunday! Which means tonight I will travel to Westeros and London with #DemThrones and #DemDreads (Honestly, if you have not started live tweeting with #BGN, you’re missing out).

However, I have adulting to do this week, like a job and being a mom, so I have to actually do things before I can kick back and relax. And with staying up to indulge with these shows means to do things so that I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes.

So I cheat. I cheat on Sunday by doing things that would normally would happen Monday morning.

  • I braid my hair early in the day on Sunday so that I can  just take it down the next morning, fluff, spray and go.
  • I pack my lunch and my son’s Sunday night. That way we can both get a few extra winks.
  • I shower. That way I can get ready first thing and cut down on my morning routine.
  • I load the car with my bag for work.

These little things may seem simple, but they make the difference between spending 30-45 minutes getting ready in the morning to only spending 15-25 minutes.

So now that all this is done, it’s time to kick back and get down with #DemThrones and #DemDreads.

giphy (15)

giphy (16)


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